Welcome to our safe-haven where we can gather to discuss deeply and highly moving heart issues that shape and form us to be the people we are, the people we will become and the people we hope to be in the future!

I have dreamed about this blog-site for over 13 long years. It has been my desire to offer a place where people, could visit and find solace, rest, peace, encouragement, insight, help, but mostly purpose to continue their search for meaning for their individual life and self.

For some of you, you will identify with the words you find on this site. You will find something that says to you, “that’s me, I can identify with that”. For others, you will visit once and never come back. I understand that. But for those who become regular visitors, I say, “good”, then this is what I get up in the morning for, to write just for you, to inspire you, to comfort you, to encourage you, to give you hope and get you started and on your way to another successful day in your life. And, please remember, all the while I am writing for you, I am writing for me as well. I need to hear the words I am typing, as much as I want to write to you, my beloved readers.

One of the first, and foremost rules of engagement that I will continue to stress throughout our entire blog is this, “learn to love yourself, and put yourself first, above all else”. For many of us that often means placing our spiritual life first. This is a very important premise to begin with, to begin your day with, to begin anything with.

I think most of my readers are women, although our blog certainly pertains to men as well. But pertaining to women, we are, by nature, “givers”.  And for the men who read our blog, you are by nature, “workers”. We are, it seems, intrinsically created this way. And as givers, and workers, we often forget to give to ourselves first. We jump up out of bed and the first thing we think of is what we need to do to get someone else, or some other thing, taken care of. But if we would just “take five” and use that time to gather our sense of self, our day would go along so much smoother. And go ahead, take more than “five” if you need it. Even if you have to get out of bed a little sooner to do it. It will really, really be worth it.

It’s my desire that each time you visit our blog here, that you leave feeling refreshed, empowered and ready to take on whatever is waiting for you. If whatever is waiting for you finds you so important that you are the one who is needed to do the job, then you need to take the time to become the best you can be to do that particular task.  So read our blog, find an uplifting post here, one that pertains to how you are feeling when you visit. If you are having a problem in a particular area, feel free to submit an idea to me. I will do my best to research it and attempt to write a blog on it, if I can. I will try to write as often as my own time permits, and as often as ideas pop into my head.

Understand that I am uniquely me. I may post some blogs that may be somewhat controversial to your way of thinking. Please be open-minded about what I post. I am posting to a wide-range of audience and not all of you will agree with what I post. I understand this. And that’s why you have the opportunity to submit your own comment to each and every blog I post. You have the opportunity to post your slant on my posts. All of us are entitled to our opinions. But I don’t want this place to become a place of arguments and stress. I will attempt to keep this a place of civility. I ask all of us to attempt to keep our minds open to new ideas so that we can grow. And as we all know, growth can sometimes be painful. But that’s what this blog is here for, to support all of us while we are in our growth process.

There you have it. This is my purpose for our blog. It is a simple reason, but a difficult task. I am hoping that all of us together can find balance on a daily basis, in our growth process. This, I believe, is the most difficult part of growth. The pendulum swings. And often, as it swings, our emotions swing right along with the growth. We find ourselves riddled with tears, or anger and down in the pits unable to function in our roles throughout the day. Or, we find ourselves exhilarated into the heights of joy and happiness, and still unable to function appropriately. It’s finding that edge of balance that’s difficult to maintain, but so important to try to keep, in order to experience a productive life.

It is my hope that our blog can help all of us do just that, maintain balance, with grace, peace and joy, through the insight, encouragement, patience and grace that will be found on these pages.

So, welcome! Warmly, welcome.


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