• Jesus

    Strong’s Concordance of the Bible:

                                    H3091: Yehowshuwa (Yehoshuah)

                                    H3068: Yehovah from H1961: Hayah from H1933: Hava from H183 Avah

                                    H3467: Yasha

  • Religion:

Latin etymology: re: return and ligare: to bind again = A return to bondage

   Greek etymology: Stong’s Concordance of the Bible

   G2356 “threskeia”

      religious worship

        a) esp. external, that which consists of ceremonies

1) religious discipline, religion —–>

Strong’s Concordance G2357 “threskos”

1) fearing or worshiping God

2) to tremble

a) trembling, fearful

As we can clearly see, “religion” is not “faith”, it is a “militaristic” type of behavior that instills fear.

  • Ritual

      of or relating to rites or ritual; ceremonial

      according to religious law

      done in accordance with social custom or normal protocol

  • Selah

      pause or think about


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