My Questions, My Passion

I am incredibly passionate about issues surrounding women. I like to take a more spiritual approach to looking at our issues and work towards resolve in a gentle, patient and gracious manner.

I have learned, and I am still learning, through my own personal experiences, just how to navigate this perplexing life of what being a female is all about. How do I exist in what seems to be a man’s world? How do I compete with men? Should I even see my role with men as competition? What are my roles as a female? Can I do and be anything I want to be? Should I remain in traditional female roles? What does “independence” mean? What does femininity mean? What kind of strength do I have as a female? Is it just as valuable as the male strength? Or, in some ways, is it more valuable?

What I have found so far is that being a female is only a small part of who I am in this vast world of human beings. I am finding that many of the topics I write about don’t really have any gender identity attached to them, the topics are gender neutral, or better said, they apply to both male and female alike. Many times I set out to write a blog specifically related to women and at the end of writing the blog I realize that many men might find the information just as necessary and applicable in their own lives.

So for all of the times I have asked the above questions, and many more over my lifetime, I have many more questions that I will undoubtedly ask and explore. I want to ask and explore these questions with you, my readers, both female, and male. Moreover, I want to support you, and myself, as we walk together through life. I want to encourage us to keep placing one foot in front of the other as we all strive for continued growth for our personal selves.

If I can help, encourage, uplift one person, just every so often, then I have in some small way achieved my goal. This is my heart’s desire. This is my passion.


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